When the situation calls for it

10 April 2020

Jeff McCarty

Our quest to build a better global human civilization is riddled with many obstacles in the path. If we are to positively progress as a species then we must follow this path towards a better global human civilization regardless of the obstacles that try to deter us. Whether these obstacles exist in the physical realm or within the intangible realm of the human psyche, many of these obstacles are difficult to navigate through. Hence the reason why guiding principles are pivotal in helping us overcome the difficulties that may lie ahead.

Guiding principles help every human being be intentional in how to live their day to day life. Guiding principles can also structure how we operate holistically as a species. To ensure that we are truly successful as a species in utilizing our guiding principles, we must utilize these guiding principles in both domains of our lives. We must let these principles guide the small actions that we make in every waking moment of our human existence, as well as we must let these principles guide our actions as a global human civilization. When we can comprehensively utilize these guiding principles in all facets of our life, from personal to professional and everything in between, we can begin to contribute to the achievement of a better global human civilization that has the best interest in mind for every member of that civilization. When searching for the appropriate guiding principles that we need to utilize as a species, the desired end goal of a better global human civilization that has the best in mind for every member of the human species is the qualitative standard we measure these guiding principles against. The next guiding principle, we believe as the HCRC, that will be required to ensure that we achieve our desired end goal is the principle of patience.

With little surprise, the principle of patience has withstood the duration of time. Many have recognized the importance of the principle of patience, and as the HCRC, we join the masses in recognizing that patience is undoubtedly necessary for the human species to stand the test of time and ensure its existence for millennia to come. There are various definitions and multiple forms of the word patient. The HCRC defines patience as the ability to act calmly while waiting for something to occur. The act of patience is a skill that is leveraged in a variety of ways. We must realize that the use of patience does not imply an inability to act, rather the ability to ensure actions are taken at the proper time or that the proper measures have been initiated before taking a specific action.

As the HCRC, we believe that patience is vital to building a better global human civilization. The changes needed to achieve a better global human civilization are massive. We must understand that creating a shift in the way we think and operate within our existence as the collective human species will take a considerable amount of time from the perspective of a human lifetime. It has taken generations upon generations of human beings to create the current global human civilization that we have come to find ourselves existing within as a human being of the current modern-day 2020. It will more than likely take generations and generations of human beings to unravel the pitfalls that we have found in the current systems and institutions of the global human civilization. This is why patience is vital. There may be ways to accelerate the achievement of a better global human civilization that does have the best interest of every human being in mind. To truly measure if we have achieved this goal we would have to ensure that this better global human civilization can withstand the test of time. This test alone will require patience. As individual human beings, we each can improve our ability to be patient as long as we are delighting in the splendor of life. As someone who has personally struggled with patience at different points in my existence, the question we ponder is, how?

Just like other guiding principles that we have analyzed, there are various degrees in which human beings display their patience. Some of the key variables that may dictate one human being’s level of patience in a given moment can be the situation itself, other people involved in that situation, and the amount of patience that has already been invested. As the HCRC, we believe each human being’s ability to improve their patience lies in understanding those variables and our current mindsets that we hold for each variable.

First, we must understand that patience is always dictated by a situation. These situations can range from stressful such as rush hour traffic to happy life-changing events, like your child being born or starting a new job and everything in between. As human beings, our sense of patience has evolved from an inability to control certain factors, in those early times of humanity, this would include situations like the sun rising, rains coming, and winter passing. If it were up to human beings, I’m sure we wouldn’t need patience due to the fact we are keen on instant gratification. We must understand that the need for patience comes from the situation itself and that sometimes there is nothing you can do to dictate the situation or speed the passage of time. Whether you willingly give that situation patience or not, the situation stills calls for patience and will take up that time. When you can come to accept the factors of the situation and that the situation calls for patience you can more easily display the necessary patience in that situation.

Next, we must look at the other human beings involved in the situation that is requiring patience. Each human being will be more willing to display patience to people that they believe they should show patience to. The exact willingness of displaying patience that we may show can be linked to the relationship we have with that specific human being involved in the situation. Another element that we must understand is that our willingness to display patience can also be dictated by the exact circumstances of the situation. The correlation between the cause of the situation and the human being that we are trying to be patient towards who is involved with the cause of that situation can ultimately vary the level of patience we display. We must understand that we must give patience to the situation, regardless of who has caused it up to that point. Once we can come to accept this realization we can more easily revert and remind ourselves to accept the current situation’s need for patience.

Lastly, we must remember that the levels of patience we are willing to display can be dictated by the amount of patience we may have already invested. Many people may approach certain situations with patience, and whether they express it or not, an expectation of how long that patience will be required. As time wears on, and we come to find that our initial projection of the amount of patience that would be required for the situation is wrong, we tend to regress to displays of impatience. When we approach a situation that will require patience we must actively remind ourselves that once we embrace the fact that the situation calls for patience, we accept that call as is and avoid setting time constraints. For each individual human being, the situations that test our patience will vary. The key to strengthening your ability to be patient lies in accepting the situation you are currently in calls for patience and accept the call as is.

When we look at the root cause of the need for patience we must remind ourselves it is the situation. As we strive to build a better global human civilization we must understand that being patient with situations is vital. The question some may ask is, how can we be patient with a situation that is deterring our ability as a human species to achieve a better global human civilization that has the best interest in mind for every single member of the human species? The answer resides in our next guiding principle. Join us next Friday as we account for the next guiding principle that will allow the human species to achieve a better global human civilization.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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