The Tightrope of Existence

10 July 2020

Jeff McCarty

The forces of energy that human beings define as life comes in many forms. Within all forms of life, we find a duality that each form of life is intrinsically guided by. On one side, we find that life is resilient. Withstanding all obstacles, a physical being endowed with life is inclined to ensure the continuation of its own life. On the other side of the coin, we see the fragility of life. That all forms of life are fragile in their existence and are subject to the ultimate dissolution of death. Between these two ends that define the nature of life, is the existence of the human being.

The human existence is a direct representation of the two sides of this duality. Throughout each human being’s existence, we find this duality is present. From the start of our physical existence as human beings, we undergo a process that is both strong as well as weak. As newborn infants, we all are living representations of the fragility and strength of life. Each human being undergoes the process of birth, regardless if there is a medical intervention that would not have been available to humans of early generations giving birth, it is an event that exposes both sides of this duality. Exemplifying the miraculous strength of life, all babies pass through the birthing process. Transitioning between a support system that is largely controlled by the forces of nature that bond a mother to her baby, to the existence of individual support where a baby will breathe and queue for nourishment on its own accord. This is a testament to the strength of life. Within the strength of this moment for each human being, there lies the fragility on the other side as well. Through the process of birth, we are subject to the fact that one circumstance could go astray, compromising the very sanctity of the life form in question. The course of each human being’s existence is spent dancing between the two sides of this duality. Although the balance between strength and fragility can shift, in which one is more prevalent than the other, this duality exists within us all.

As human beings, our only escape from this duality as we perceive it within our current reality is when the fragility of life has completely overtaken our strength and we meet our death. The subject of death and the nature of what may await us in the afterlife is debatable at best and completely unknowable at worst. We will not consume energy contemplating the afterlife nor any potential candidates responsible for plotting the grand scheme behind the two sides of this detailed duality. If exploring this duality serves no purpose in understanding the existential questions of existence, then what purpose does said exploration serve?

Embarking on this exploration is for the sole benefit of recognition. As human beings, we must understand that this duality exists within life. What do we gain with an understanding of this duality though? As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe there are two perspectives in which one can utilize an understanding of this duality. From the perspective of the individual and the perspective of our collective global human civilization.

As individuals, we should take the opportunity to recognize that this duality exists to help define the possibilities that a physical being can accomplish within the physical realm of our reality. While our mental and emotional capabilities seem to be limitless, the same cannot be said for our physical form. If we were to blindly stumble through the physical realm of Planet Earth with no consideration for both sides of this duality than we would risk our existence as individuals and as a species as a whole. With a disregard for the fragility of existence, we would over confidently prance through existence and eventually meet our demise when we overzealously attempt a physical feat beyond our bounds, like jumping a giant canyon or breathing underwater. With a disregard for the strong side of this duality, we would be paralyzed by our cowardness and would never venture into the world to sustain our existence. The success of any species to continuously manage and survive the dynamically chaotic experience that is existence in the physical realm of our universe is based upon a recognition of both sides of this duality.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe that gaining an understanding of this duality can help unlock a greater understanding of our global human civilization. Gaining this understanding can only improve our ability as a species to positively progress. When we can truly comprehend the bounds of life and the limits in which life can stretch, we can begin to understand the bounds and limits in which our global human civilization can stretch.

As you proceed through the course of your existence, be sure to stop and recognize the duality of existence, for we each will encounter the day when we have no choice but to confront the reality of this duality.

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