The Origin of Issues

8 May 2020

Jeff McCarty

As human beings, we all have various levels of awareness. What determines each human being’s specific level of awareness for any given situation can vary based upon a variety of factors. Existence as a human being can be dynamically fickle which does not allow for an easy ability to construct a one size fits all formula for determining why one specific human being may experience a certain degree of awareness concerning one thing, while a complete lack of awareness regarding another. Despite the numerous factors that can dictate one human being’s awareness, two elements that do seem to hold validity in determining the likelihood of how aware one may end up being is their overall sense of how important the situation or topic is relative to how much impact nonawareness could have on that specific human being’s existence. When we take those factors into account, we can see most human beings will devote the majority of their awareness to the things they find important.

As the HCRC, we believe that the way we increase awareness on finding solutions to the problems that affect humanity’s existence is by creating a repository of information on both the details of the problems and potential solutions to those various problems that can affect humanity’s existence. As we undergo developing the first incarnation of a repository of this nature, we begin by organizing all problems into two distinct categories. These categories help us understand the origin point for the specific problem, and in turn, can help us identify a quicker path to a solution.

The first of these two categories are problems that originate from an external source. We can simply label these as external problems. External problems are problems that can arise outside of our control. External problems are generally problems that can arise out of nowhere and once they have, they become seemingly very catastrophic, very quickly if nothing is done. For example, if a meteor were to come hurling towards Planet Earth and threatens to destroy the planet as we know it, that would be considered an external problem. That is a problem that we cannot stop from potentially happening. With awareness though we can begin to develop solutions to that problem. Though external problems can seem highly improbable until they are front and center of everyone’s attention, we must build solutions and contingency plans to any problem that can affect our existence as a species. Now you may ask if external problems are the problems that originate from outside of our control as human beings, what other types of problems can there be?

This leads us to our next category, problems that originate from an internal source, simply labeled internal problems. Once again, we look at the origin of the problem to help define this next category. Problems that fall within the category of internal problems are problems that arise from the creations and actions of the human species themselves. Examples of internal problems can range. One thing we must remember is that internal problems can be spawned from the one-time actions of one or more human beings to the systematic actions of institutions that we have created as human beings. With this in mind, examples that would categorize as an internal problem would be problems such as the decay of society due to global economic collapse, since the very existence of an economy is a human creation. Another example of a problem that affects humanity’s existence that falls within the realm of an internal problem is the staggering suicide rates. Since our ability to process and handle the experience of life is a matter of mental fortitude, we can then look at our internal actions and creations as a species to seek potential solutions to a problem of this nature. The experiences that we undergo in existence are dictated by the actions and systems we are subject to, which in turn will dictate the actions and systems we create and support. When facing internal problems, we must remember to examine the creations and actions of our society if we are to find the root cause of the problem at hand and truly find a viable solution.

One thing that we must realize with the different problems we begin to categorize within the external and internal problem categories is that there can be a cross over in terms of factors that can intensify the threat a problem may present to humanity. For example, climate change is a problem that does affect humanity’s existence. Despite the polarized beliefs regarding the concern of climate change, we can scientifically say that the possibility of climate change is evident from natural occurrences. If a supervolcano were to erupt it could cause a chain of events that would shift our global climate. When we view the problem of climate change through this lens, we would think to categorize the problem as an external problem. As we know though, whether you believe it is a dire issue or not, the activities of human beings since the industrial revolution have caused an influx of carbon in Planet Earth’s atmosphere, which does alter the climate. From this perspective, we can see that there are factors that can cause this problem to become worse based on the actions and creations of human beings. Whether the category of problem is an internal, external, or a hybrid of the two, as the human species we should be able to agree that any problem that can affect our ability to exist as a species is a problem that we must be aware of, regardless of the duration of time that it may take for that problem to affect us.

As the list of problems facing humanity becomes more defined and less abstract, we can boost our awareness of the obstacles we face as a species within both short term and long-term durations. With this awareness and an ability to understand the origin of the different problems that face humanity, we can begin to truly comprehend where our priorities should be as a species. Join us next Friday, as we begin to examine the criteria that will determine how we can prioritize the problems we must solve as the human species.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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