The Fuck It Ideology

4 December 2020

Jeff McCarty

Firstly, I will address the very name of this ideology I intend to detail. The word Fuck is an utterance that constitutes a certain harshness that causes the very explicit nature of the word. Combined with the word it to make the phrase fuck it, and you draw a phrase that has roots in the very mindset that I intend to explain in this post. The phrase fuck it, directly represents the ideology I intend to layout due to the fact it is the exact words uttered when a human being is practicing this ideology. Although it is not the only words that can be used, it is the most distinct words used when practicing the Fuck It Ideology.

Now that you are desensitized to the labeling of this ideology, or at the very least understanding of why it has been named as such, we can explore what the FII (Fuck it Ideology) is. The FII is a mindset that runs along the following lines, that our ability as humans to influence and alter our existence let alone the existence of others is pointless to do human's inability to control existence, and due to this lack of control there is no point in worrying about the occurrences within one’s existence. When a human being is operating in existence under the FII, the tendency when making a decision or facing a situation that may require an action of some sort is to say fuck it and chose the path of least resistance.

At first, the FII sounds great. Nothing is easier than the path of least resistance so why not just say fuck It and find the easiest way forward. From a logistics perspective, it is a lot easier just to focus on the problems facing yourself as an individual compared to worry about global, national, or even community-based problems. There are plenty of those who feel that society has steered in the way it has due to a lack of personal responsibility for one’s life circumstances, and at first glance, it would seem to make sense that each worry about their own enlightening rather than society at large. The thought process behind this is that it would result in more enlightened individuals who in the end would make up a society of enlightened individuals. This though just isn't the case in our society and exposes why we have not evolved as a species to operate under the FII.

Humanity wouldn’t have been able to flourish in the manner it did if we primarily operated under the FII since any human operating under the FII has a complete disregard for life, including their own. Any human who does operate under the FII justifies this disregard for life with the utterance of that simple phrase, fuck it.

Some may be thinking, “I have been one to say this from time to time”, and “what good is it to exert energy on certain things that I can’t control”. Everyone goes through situations where they may use the FII, and the truth is our day is a constant struggle on what we use the FII for and what we decide is important and will receive our attention. The key difference is how much we let this seep into our day-to-day actions and decisions. It is one thing for someone to say fuck it when being asked where they would like to eat for dinner, compared to someone saying fuck it when a traffic light turns red at an intersection and they gun it across the intersection anyway. When we begin to examine and compare situations within this context, we can see that the use of the FII is less appropriate in some situations compared to others.

Regardless of when it is applied or what situations cause humans to use the FII, there is an underlying concern that comes about when the FII begins to become over-utilized in a human's life, especially in areas considered important to one’s livelihood. This is a concern of how the FII diminishes one’s ability and desire to critically think about their response or actions in a situation. The more we defer towards a mindset that isn't willing to rely on critical thinking, the more likely we are to find ourselves in situations we did not intend to be in or understand how to handle now that we are in them. This is both on an individual and societal basis, which is something that should concern everyone.

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