Purposeful Utilization of Tools

5 June 2020

Jeff McCarty

Each tool can be used for both intrinsically good and evil reasons. While some tools are built with specific intentions, of good or evil, while other tools are built out of the spirit of innovation, all tools can serve both good and evil purposes. What determines how a tool gets used? Generally, that is determined by the end-user of the tool itself and their intentions.

When it comes to the concept of good and evil, we must realize that there is no objective good or evil since what a human being may determine good or evil is subjective based upon their perception. In the plane of existence that we are experiencing, it seems good and evil can also have an intermediary area where good and evil dance hand in hand due to the extreme complexities of human existence. Despite the ambiguity that can go into trying to quantify the purpose of a tool as specifically good or evil, it is safe to say that every tool is utilized by the end-user, either consciously or subconsciously, for a specific purpose that they have in mind.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we have a specific purpose as an organization that guides our actions, and just the same guides how we utilize the tools at our disposal. That purpose is to find, test, implement, and share potential solutions to problems that may affect our existence as a species. We know that many tools must be leveraged if we are to execute our purpose as an organization.

The first tool that we believe is vital in the achievement of our purpose as the HCRC, is the tool of media. In our current times, we should all be able to agree that the tool of media is a very powerful tool that can be utilized for both good and evil purposes. The power of media can be largely credited to the advancements in technology that have streamlined the delivery system for media. As that delivery system became more streamlined, we have seen the capabilities of media in spreading both information and misinformation increase almost exponentially.

There is one thing that we must address regarding the tool of media. We must ensure an understanding of what we are referring to when utilizing the term media. When we are utilizing the term media, we are referring to the different technological venues in which one can display information to be consumed perceptually. This is to be distinguished as different from what many may consider as The Mainstream Media. Keep in mind that any broadcasting network or company that is designed to present media is just an organization that utilizes the power of media to present their ideas and viewpoints. As a species, we must understand that the power of media can be wielded by anyone and that the perceived good or evil from the use of media is determined upon the message and underlying purpose that the organization using that power of media is intending on.

The power of media can be presented through a variety of content types. These content types are usually created in a manner that utilizes many of our perceptual abilities as a human being. Whether it is through the form of video content, which contains both visuals to see and sounds to hear, or a work of infographic or written word content, which has words to read and images to perceive, we can lump this under the label of media.

It is easily arguable that we are in the most interesting times of media possible. Media comes in so many forms through a variety of platforms to deliver content in this day in age, in the developed world we have grown accustomed to its influence. The barriers of entry to present ideas through the power of media is at its lowest point ever. With these low barriers, we can see that anyone can have a voice and if their message is either compelling enough or vicarial enough that voice can gain momentum and become part of the populous belief system.

If we take a look at the historical record though, we know that events of this nature have occurred before in the history of humanity, a great example being the Guttenberg printing press. It can be presumed that these occurrences have and will occur through the history of humanity where we advance our ability to store, spread, and comprehend information. As far as what the next advancement in this realm will specifically be is still up for interpretation. From AI to VR technology we can assume that the power that media has to inform and influence human beings will hold firm as we progress through the passage of time. As always though, the determining factor of whether the tool of media will aide us or hinder us in our pursuit of building a better global human civilization is based upon how we end up using the tool.

Join us next Friday as we discuss an area of our global human civilization that we must address if we are to synergize as a species and use our tools to build a better global human civilization together.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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