Providing for Society: Stable Shelter

16 October 2020

Jeff McCarty

This post is part of a series linked to our Amenities of Modern Existence thread.

The third of the six amenities of modern existence that we will discuss logistics around is the amenity of stable shelter. Another way of understanding this problem and a more traditional label it has gone by is the problem of homelessness. With each amenity, it is vital to prepare a plan of implementation if we are to exist in a society that assists its members with the necessities for survival. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see two elements of implementation that must be addressed, infrastructural, and tracking.


When first contemplating a social program that assists human beings in obtaining and maintaining stable shelter, it makes the most sense to start with the logistics around the need for housing to be built for people to occupy. In short, we must build houses if we want people to have a place to live in. This is purely an infrastructural effort that we would have to undergo to solve the problem of homelessness. Given there are no special innovations we are in search of to accomplish the building of stable shelters for human beings, although as always the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition advocates for innovations in just about any field, this is a problem that we can overcome if we can build more housing. Two questions that then come into play are why aren’t we building more housing, and why are people finding themselves homeless in the first place?

The best place to look when it comes to the reason why we aren’t building more housing, first is dependent on what type of housing we are looking at, and which geographic region we are examining. In certain areas, houses are being built, yet they are not always the houses that are affordable for the buyers in that marketplace. This is a form of socioeconomic gentrification, and whether it is because of some person or group of people’s intentional plan or not, the fact is that many of the houses that are being developed, especially in the areas that are experiencing economic booms, are single-family dwelling units that are becoming more and more unaffordable in pricing. This a lot of times is based on a regulation that is in place when it comes to zoning laws in a specific region or area. If we want to solve the problem of building more housing for people, we must ensure that there is a proper mixture when it comes to the type of housing that is being built in an area. To do this, we must put all zoning and housing regulations on the table for review. Not to say that we would automatically eliminate them all, yet we must truly review these regulations in each region if we are to overcome the homelessness problem and provide stable shelter to all human beings.


When we move to the next question of why people fall homeless, we tend to find there are various reasons, which are sometimes grouped into types of homelessness, that cause a person to become homeless. Though we won’t drudge up the exact classifications that people have constructed, or make our own (for the moment at least), as the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition we are proposing that all human beings deserve access to stable shelter, and the best way to assure that people can have access to a place to live is to provide baseline housing funding that would allow each human being to pay the cost of rent in a minimal housing unit. Under a concept of this nature, we would allow human beings to still strive for higher living standards in terms of their living arrangements, while also giving people baseline assistance that either help with a portion of their housing bill, or take care of the cost of a minimal dwelling unit for themselves. The amount of assistance that would be provided would be equal to the number of dependents you have, which in turn once again ensures that’s you can achieve appropriate living conditions given your family size. We have discussed the concept of a debit card, styled like that of an EBT or WIC card, that has various amounts loaded that are for specific purposes and limited to use with known merchants of those services. Though a technique of this nature would require rules and watchdogs to ensure that crony capitalism doesn’t sink its hands into the social programs we have dictated in the Amenities of Modern Existence series, we can achieve social welfare programs of this nature that allow human beings to receive baseline assistance while still having the options that come in a free market.

In the end, though there is only so much space within any given area, which will eventually limit the ability of any specific city to grow. This brings us to an interesting element of the housing problem regarding the choices people make in terms of where they are going to live. We will take time in future posts to go over the importance of this topic and why it must be discussed if we are ever to assure stable shelter to all human beings within our global human civilization.

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