Providing for Society: Renewable Energy

23 October 2020

Jeff McCarty

This post is part of a series linked to our Amenities of Modern Existence thread.

The fourth of the six amenities of modern existence that we will discuss logistics around is the amenity of renewable energy. With each amenity, it is vital to prepare a plan of implementation if we are to exist in a society that assists its members with the necessities for survival. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see two elements of implementation that we must address, infrastructural, and tracking.


As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we have advocated and detailed throughout the Amenities of Modern Existence series the potential of reloadable prepaid cards to assist with necessities in life such as food, water, and housing. In a system of this nature, each citizen of society would receive enough funds to assist in purchasing an agreed-upon minimum allowance for each of these necessities. When it comes to the amenity of renewable energy, there are various ways that people are incentivized to buy into renewable energy sources for their personal use. With vouchers and tax rebates to help with installment costs, there are plenty of people who are deciding to switch to solar energy to power their homes, and electric cars to transport themselves around. Though changes of this nature are a net positive in helping society proceed towards a more renewable energy production/consumption plan, we would suggest an assistance program (as we have detailed with the prior three amenities) that provides baseline energy credits for every citizen to utilize and pay for a set amount of energy that an average human consumes in modern existence. This method is designed to allow each human being to receive assistance in obtaining their fair share of the modern amenities we all deserve to have in this modern day of existence, while also providing limitations to the amounts of resources people can use uninhibited.


By the time each of us as consumers flick on the light switch, turn on their oven, drive their car, or anything else that they would need energy to power, we should not have to question if this energy was generated through a renewable and clean energy source. As a society, we must require more of the companies that produce our energy. While it is inconceivable that we would just turn off the use of fossil fuels and natural gases one day and flip on the switch for renewable energies the following day, it is not unreasonable to begin making a shift towards a more renewable and clean way of providing energy. Some may think that the technology needed to truly provide renewable and clean energy is just too far away and that we would need massive innovations in these fields to achieve this goal, this though isn’t necessarily the case. We find that most of the technology, such as solar and wind turbines are already viable solutions that can be utilized if implemented at the right scale. Yet I will agree that these technologies are not perfect, and as a general proppant of continual innovation I think that we could always embrace and in fact, should encourage new technologies to be invented that will assist in the achievement of creating and providing energy to every human being within our global human civilization in a clean and renewable manner.

Providing every human being access to renewable and clean forms of energy is paramount if we are to build a better civilization for all humans. When we begin to delve into the reasons why we have yet to act on the concerns of climate change and providing all humans renewable energy, it is less of a problem of having the physical tools and technology, and more of a matter of specific human beings, with personal interests in the continuation of the status quo on how we generate and distribute energy to the citizens of our civilization.

This though is a topic for a future post.

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