Providing for Society: Healthy Food

9 October 2020

Jeff McCarty

This post is part of a series linked to our Amenities of Modern Existence thread.

The second of the six amenities of modern existence that we will discuss logistics around is the amenity of healthy food. With each amenity, it is vital to prepare a plan of implementation if we are to exist in a society that assists its members with the necessities for survival. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see two elements of implementation that must be addressed, infrastructural, and tracking.


For the amenity of healthy food, it seems both fitting as well as slightly more simplistic to first review the area of tracking within a plan of distributing healthy food to all human beings within our global human civilization. When it comes to the concept of tracking and supporting human beings in the acquiring of healthy food, I once again urge people to look at the current systems in place. In modernized countries, the concept of food stamps would represent the ideas fueling the conceptual foundation of a social welfare plan meant to provide healthy food to all human beings. Now some may think that trying to control what people eat is a step out of line when comparing it to the very privilege of liberty that we have discussed as the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. When it comes to providing healthy food though, there are already systems in place that help in aiding people in obtaining healthy food. In the USA we refer to this as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children also known as WIC. Though the WIC program has specific requirements and obligations that are catered around family care and health, we can look at the WIC program and see that we already have systems in place that can assist people in a way that helps them acquire food, yet limits them to specific types of purchases. It is important to remember, with a program of this nature that helps people obtain healthy food to eat, that this sort of assistance is provided to ensure all human beings meet a baseline requirement to sustain their existence, not to limit your access to other food options. If you still want junk food or something of an unhealthy nature, then by all means go for it. We must recognize though that society has an obligation to feed the members within, and it starts with making sure people can acquire something to eat.


When we think of the infrastructure needed to produce, process, store, and distribute healthy food to human beings there are many players involved, that contribute to getting the food we eat to our plates. In the modernized times we are currently existing within, there are many styles, trends, or diets that we can subscribe to when making our food choices. This is important to be mindful of since the infrastructure that is built to support the food systems and networks that currently feed us is based on the foods, we desire to consume the most. Currently, in the modernized world, we mainly received processed foods created in factory farms and packed full of preservatives to ensure a sense of longevity. This has become the predominant method in the modernized world because this is the dietary choices that are in demand, and when there are demands people are bound to find ways to fulfill the supply. What this means though regarding a discussion around the infrastructure needed to supply healthy food to all human beings, is we must first have a discussion around what is even considered a healthy food, and how to build a cultural consensus that allows us to say yes that is a healthy food, and that is the type of food we want to make infrastructural investments towards.

Understanding what constitutes healthy food will be the topic that requires further exploration, and we will return to in the future.

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