Providing for Society: Equal Education

30 October 2020

Jeff McCarty

This post is part of a series linked to our Amenities of Modern Existence thread.

The fifth of the six amenities of modern existence that we will discuss logistics around is the amenity of equal education. With each amenity, it is vital to prepare a plan of implementation if we are to exist in a society that assists its members with the necessities for survival. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see two elements of implementation that must be addressed, infrastructural, and tracking.


The goal behind this amenity is to ensure that each citizen of the global human civilization receives an equal education that will allow them access to the necessary knowledge that a human would need to be successful in modern existence. To ensure that we can provide an equal educational experience across the planet requires that we first evaluate and reform the education system itself. From what we learn to the way we receive the material we must contemplate how we get the best return to society for the investment of universal knowledge. Many times, I will hear people state that college should be free or at least a lot more affordable, and though I agree with this concept in a broad sense, I encourage people to want more out of their educational system. We should be focused on building a Pre-K to a 12th-grade schooling system that benefits each learner to become a functioning member of society, regardless of attending secondary schooling.

To accomplish this goal of making the curriculum itself more effective for a student to learn the life skills necessary to be successful in a modern-day existence, we must gather the most accomplished and intellectual minds in each field of study to develop a more universal curriculum for our Pre-K to 12th graders that will appropriately prepare them for life. Past the curriculum itself and what the students are learning, we must rethink the infrastructure in which school takes place. Through Covid-19 we have seen and experienced that a student’s education can take place in more than just the confines of a school building itself. Though the pandemic has shown that the classroom can exist in a completely digital manner, perhaps it is not the best option on its own.

There is a middle ground that can be beneficial though. Perhaps we can merge both online learnings to circulate the best teachers in a field worldwide, as well as use the structure of the classroom with a trained educational professional to ensure some of the most general technical hiccups (that can cause even the most patient parents to pull out their hair during a virtual schooling session, especially when we are referring to a younger child) are solved in a quick and timely manner. These are once again just baseline suggestions that I am proposing. It should be agreed though that the path towards all humans receiving an equal education that will prepare them for a modern-day existence, is with technology and innovations in how we facilitate the knowledge to our learners.


The topic of tracking in correlation to the amenity of equal education for all human beings is a conversation about making sure that all students show up for an education. This is something that already takes place within the education system as is. Attendance rates are measured daily, and generally, without a phone call being placed to the school by a parent or guardian, you can expect the school to report the truancy to the parents or guardian. Though these processes aren’t perfect, it is safe to say that the tracking of attendance rates at schools is a matter of data-keeping. In this modern age, the ability to keep and track data is remarkable. Plenty of software programs exist and can be created to manage and handle these tracking tasks.

The greater question that comes out of tracking attendance rates of students is the reasons behind why they are not attending school in the first place. Regarding this question, I do have preliminary thoughts on some of the reasons why students don’t attend school. This though will be a topic explored in a future post.

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