Privileges of Existence – Part 3

21 February 2020

Jeff McCarty

A global human civilization that successfully operates with the best interest of every member of the human species requires every human being to contribute to that success. While every member of the human species will have different skills to contribute, we must recognize that the more human beings that focus their energy on positively progressing our global human civilization, the easier it will be to achieve. We must allow every member of the human species the ability to find their contribution to the global human civilization. As human beings, we must realize that finding the best contributions we can make to the global human civilization resides in our passions and purpose. When a human being lives a life of passion and purpose is when that human being can joyously contribute to the global human civilization.

The privileges of existence are concepts that can help guide each of us as human beings towards finding our passion and purpose during our existence. With the privilege of life granted to all human beings, the result would be an abundance of human life on Planet Earth. With this abundance in life and many more human beings living out the duration of their natural existence, this means that there is essentially more human mind power at work for a larger portion of the time. With more mind power means there is a higher probability of breakthroughs that advance the human species in all fields of industry and thought. Before we can truly reach this level of potential as a species, we must establish the second and last of these privileges of existence.

The second privilege of existence is,

The Privilege of Liberty

With the privilege of life, we recognize every form of life deserves the opportunity to live out the natural duration of time its physical form can exist for. Living a prolonged life doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a life of passion and purpose though. Each human being’s path towards finding their passion and purpose in life takes them on their own individually distinct journey. Although there may be overlap in certain areas between one human being to the next, the variables that dictate the path to our passion and purpose will always have some variance in comparison to any other human being. Hence why liberty is essential for each human being to discover their passion and purpose.

The Privilege of Liberty can be defined as one human being’s ability to live their life in the manner they desire, as long as it does not infringe on any other human being’s ability to partake in the privileges of existence. As human beings, we should all be able to agree that we would demand the privilege of liberty for ourselves and our loved ones. Based on the commonalities of the human species, we have established that if a privilege is to be endowed to one human being then there is no denying this privilege to any other individual or group of human beings. The global human civilization can only be seen as successful and prosperous if we can effectively spread the privileges of existence amongst all members of the human species. The question is, what does it mean for every human being on Planet Earth to live with liberty.

At its core, most human beings understand the concept of liberty as freedom. This entails the freedom to do what you want when you want, and how you want. Freedom is multifaceted and we must accept that with the power of freedom also comes the responsibility of freedom. The responsibility of freedom entails that we each must take accountability for the actions we endeavor upon while enjoying the privilege of liberty. As human beings, we must understand that there is one seemingly universal rule within this existence we are experiencing. Every action has an equal reaction or consequence. This rule can be applied to the privilege of liberty as well. For example, a human being has the freedom to eat whatever they want, overspend past their financial budget, and binge-watch television daily. With these freedoms though, that same human being must accept that each of those actions can cause the resulting consequences such as becoming overweight, losing financial stability, and losing precious time for more fulfilling activities. The good news is the privilege of liberty can be applied beneficially as well. As long as we are still delighting in the privilege of life, then we can still apply the privilege of liberty to dictate how the remainder of our time is spent in our life. For example, that same human being from earlier can now, eat healthier food, analyze their financial budget before spending, and turn the television off for part of the day to gain time back for other activities. Understanding the causality that the privilege of liberty can create does not alleviate the difficulties that may come with choosing certain freedoms over others, it can allow us the ability to choose our freedoms in a wiser manner though.

There are two things we must contemplate while embarking upon a life empowered by liberty. First, we must understand that not all actions throughout our existence will be easy, pleasurable or leisurely. No matter what type of physical form that life has manifested itself within, work must be done to sustain that life. As human beings, we have gained many luxuries in our modern existence, we cannot expect that those luxuries can be afforded without effort being expended though. Secondly, when we are enabled by the privilege of liberty and determining the actions we want to make in our existence, we should use our freedom to act based on the result we want to achieve, rather than acting then discovering the result, many times to our dismay.

When we can apply the privileges of existence to our lives as individuals, the way we treat other human beings, and the way we treat Planet Earth, we can achieve a better global human civilization that we can envision. Join us next Friday as we discover ways of approaching the current threats to humanity through the mentality of the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on social media. Thanks again.

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