Privileges of Existence- Part 2

14 February 2020

Jeff McCarty

Each human being is consistently striving to find their true self through the course of their existence. As the HCRC, we define the discovery of this true self as a human being who has found a way to live their life in which it brings them internal happiness and peace. This can occur both consciously and subconsciously, no matter who you are though this search occurs at some point through the course of your existence. Some human beings find their true selves both earlier and easier than others. This can be for a variety of reasons. Whether you are born into a life that supports your true self or you faced adversity that revealed who that true self is, you may be one of the lucky human beings who has had the opportunity to find their true selves. Other human beings may not have had the chance for these variables to line up and to find that true self yet, as long as we are existing within our physical form though, we still have an opportunity to find our true self. As the HCRC, we believe that finding your true self is crucial to each member of the human species contributing their best towards the global human civilization. Establishing the privileges of existence for all human beings is the catalyst that can heighten our ability as human beings to find our true selves.

As the HCRC, we believe that there are only two privileges of existence that we must strive to grant to every member of the human species. When each human being can live in alignment with these privileges then everything else we may desire in our life can become a possibility for us to achieve.

The first privilege of existence is,

The Privilege of Life

You may ask, what is meant by the privilege of life, and how does it differ from our shared commonality of life? It must be understood that within the commonality of life, we know all human beings are physical manifestations of life embodied in the human form. This essentially explores the fact that if you are a human being, you are alive. The privilege of life is focused on the preservation of life.

As human beings we each should have the ability to preserve our life and to live as long as we possibly can. No matter what your beliefs are in regards to how human beings came to existence on Planet Earth and what the afterlife truly holds for human beings, it should be the goal of every human being to ride out the experience of existence we were born into. As discussed in the commonalities of the human species, death is the only thing guaranteed in our existence of life. If it is guaranteed though, then why rush to the inevitable outcome.

As the HCRC, we must emphasize that many human beings are empowered with this privilege of life already. We cannot discredit all advancements that have been made in human history that have brought us to this current juncture in time. We can still say though that not every member of the human species is granted this privilege of life when we examine the complete population of human beings on Planet Earth. There are a variety of variables that can contribute to why this privilege may be nonexistent for some. From droughts, famines, wars, diseases contracted from unsanitary living conditions to natural disasters and many more, we can look around the world and see many human beings taken from life too early in their state of existence.

The privilege of life is apparent due to our physical body’s natural reaction to preserve its own life. For many human beings, this universal need to preserve this privilege can be seen through a state of caution or a phobia of potentially life-threatening situations, such as a fear of heights or water. We must respect the privilege of life not only for ourselves, for all other human beings that exist with us as well though. We must come to an agreeance as a species that if a privilege should be granted to one human being, then we must grant that privilege to all human beings. As a species, this is why the privilege of life is a vital measurement of how our global human civilization is progressing. The more human beings that get to live out the course of their life and meet death through a natural cause the better the global human civilization is doing. Now, this is an example of how we can measure our progression as a civilization through the privilege of life, and just one data point out of many that we would need to measure and analyze to truly understand how our global human civilization is doing. We should all be able to agree though that without the privilege of life, there wouldn’t be much for us to measure and analyze anyways.

The privilege of life establishes that every human being should be granted the ability to sustain their life, and dictates that no one human being should vanquish another human being’s privilege to life. Now endowed with life, the question is what do we do with the time that we are granted within this life. Which leads us into our second and final privilege of existence. Join us next Friday as we examine the last of these privileges and how they interconnect with each other to open the possibility of finding our true selves.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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