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3 January 2020

Jeff McCarty

When It All Started

We each have an exact moment when it happened. When we each experienced the experience that begins our external existence in the universe. An exact moment marks the occurrence of this experience for each and every one of us. Each of our experiences of this event is uniquely individual, yet collectively amounts to the same overall experience.

If you haven’t already guessed,

It is the experience of your birth into the physical realm we perceive as the universe. This is the initial experience that defines the start of our existence as an individual, which from that point on is an existence of nothing more than consecutive and overlapping experiences. This is the experience that we all endure to become the consciousness that has manifested itself into the physical form that we call our body. This was the first experience that fell and toppled into a countless amount of other experiences, like dominoes, that have consequently led you to the current experience of reading these words.

For myself, this journey of experiencing existence began just about twenty-six years ago as the physical form of Jeff McCarty. Throughout this existence as Jeff McCarty, I have experienced numerous experiences. Of all of these experiences, there was one peculiar experience that I stumbled upon at a precocious age. The act of inquisitive curiosity and questioning of one’s self, the universe, and everything that is perceivable within the universe. The desire to understand is deep rooted in the human species, so with my questions and curiosities came a quest for answers.

This is a quest of a tremendous magnitude when the questions you ask are of an existential origin. Why do I exist? What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose within the universe? Is there some higher power that created all of this in a conscious effort? With questions of this nature, I came to find that there were minimal answers to be found, and the answers I would find never seemed to suffice an internal intuition of what I believed could be the truth. Not knowing what answers I could trust to be true in regards to these and many other questions that I pondered upon, I determined the only truths I could know were the truths I experienced firsthand in my own personal existence.

One thing that seemed to hold true within certain experiences, is that they created a certain sensation within myself. As humans we would label this sensation as pleasure. As many of us do, I began to lose myself in the experiences that I deemed pleasurable experiences and desired to experience them repeatedly. Though these questions still found refuge in my mind as a young man, admittedly I found my mind occupied with many other matters of repeating previously had experiences that caused pleasure and finding new and more pleasurable experiences to have. This led me down a rabbit hole of pleasure filled activities, many of which were detrimental to my overall well being.

When I found myself on the other side of the tunnel and at the bottom of the hole, I had time to reflect. One realization ran true among all the others. That the only thing that remained were the question and curiosities that I had before, and the deep rooted desire to find answers. After experiencing just a sliver of life, I came to understand that even if I could come to find the answers to all these questions, that it would be selfish to only of achieved that level of understanding for myself in a civilization that faces multiple crises at this intersection of time in human history.

Focusing on new questions and answers

In almost any type of successful group, you come to find that the group utilizes teamwork and a mindset of we are only as strong as our weakest link. Civilization is the largest most valued group the human species has ever formed in its existence, so it only makes sense that we apply the same mentality to running the global human civilization. Through my personal experiences, I have come to find an understanding that we are all interconnected members of the human species. Which as a collective, we form the global human civilization that resides on the Planet Earth. Viewing our existence as human beings in this manner, only reinforces the understanding that we must aspire to achieve higher standards of living for all members of the human species. Which in the long run, will only strengthen the capabilities of each and every human being in their ability to contribute to the overall positive progression and growth of the global human civilization. This is the vision that gave existence to the activist group that I have established, along side trusted partners and contributors, the

Human Civilization Reformation Coalition

Or more easily put, the HCRC. We are a group of like minded human beings with a vision of a global human civilization that allows every human being to live their best life possible. With no allegiances or hidden agendas, we operate openly with only one interest in mind. The best interest of every single member of the human species across Planet Earth. This is a driving principle that dictates what you will see from both myself and the HCRC as a whole.

The answers that I seek are of a different nature now that my mind ponders different questions. Despite these new and different questions, that almost instinctual old desire to search for answers lies within. With this new quest towards these answers, comes the need to document the mental journey that will eventually lead us to these answers. Which now brings us to the birth of the HCRC’s first of many Blog Threads.

Thoughts from the Coalition

Join me every Friday, as we explore both questions, answers, and theories on how we can improve the global human civilization with every single human being’s best interest kept intact. We will explore the ideologies, beliefs, and philosophies that guide the HCRC in its actions. Contained within this exploration we will discuss some of the biggest threats to the global human civilization, and what we must consider if we want to overcome and vanquish these threats to our livelihood as a species.

Join us next Friday as we began our journey by discussing the division of humans against each other. Which is one of the biggest challenges to the global human civilization, and what we believe is the necessary mindset to unite the human species.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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