Influenced to Act

20 November 2020

Jeff McCarty

If we are to think of the problems facing humanity, we can see that human action will dictate our ability to either prevent, reduce or eliminate those problems and the threat that they represent to our species and the very potential of our species. Understanding what motivates humans to act in the way that they do is paramount towards solving the problems that face our species because it is those very actions that allow the problem to fester by either creating the problem or ignoring the problem, both of which are caused by our action. Knowledge of the importance of human actions and how they correlate to our ability to build a better society bring about a need to understand what drives our actions as human beings in the first place.

Through the course of prior posts, we have explored this concept before, most importantly noting how the perceptions, principles, and beliefs we have dictate the course of our actions. Another way of dissecting that statement is to think about how the different elements that constitute our mindset are what will determine our actions. The question then becomes what dictates our mindset. What causes our mind to be molded into a specific modality compared to any other that is a possibility? Fundamentally what we can seemly construe is that our mindset is a direct reflection and expression of our experiences in our existence. Some experiences are things we learn first-hand, some are experiences learned through the collective of human experience. Regardless of how the experience is had, it can be correlated to influencing our perceptions, principles, and beliefs which are the elements that make up our mindset.

Given how experiences influence our perceptions, principles, and beliefs as human beings it seems only logical to delve into what influences our experiences. This is a dense subject and can become a meta-conversation about the root of human action and whether it is predetermined by fate or open to the chaos that can come with free will. Regardless of what you believe regarding those two viewpoints, I think that we can contemplate the influences upon our experiences in a way that is based upon the objective realities we are experiencing in our existence.

There is a range of objective items in our reality that we can say influence the experiences we are having and going to have in life. One of the most distinct items that I have noticed influencing our experiences as human beings is the media content we consume.

It is important to note that how we consume media has changed throughout human history, and any observer of human history can easily determine this as true. Just as how the media we consume has changed, the very connotation of the word media has changed over time, and it is important to note the distinction in how many humans perceive the term media and how we are utilizing it within the text of this page, as well as more broadly as the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition in general. When the utterance of the word media is brought about, many people tend to think of what is more appropriately labeled the mainstream media.

Most if not all humans can fill in the blank if they were asked to name a mainstream media organization. From ABC to Fox and everyone else in between it doesn’t matter which organization you name; we should be aware that these are institutions that are using the power of media to convey a message. The key message to take from this is that these are just organizations using tools at our disposal as a species. More broadly understood, we can look at the concept of media as the formats in which information is conveyed.

Whether it is through printed text, video, infographic, or sound (as in a podcast or even music) we can see that the ability for humans to spread information through the means of media has become easily accessible for the masses of human beings. With the revolution of the internet, smartphones, and social media the ways in which we create media content and access media content have become streamlined. In a society where the members of that civilization can both create and consume content rapidly, we are bound to be the subjects of many messages, that are both directly presented as well as underlying in the material of the content.

As human beings, we are all experiencing existence in these modern times that are influenced by the content being distributed among all forms of media. Even if you are someone who feels that they have removed themselves from the flow of information that streams from media, especially mainstream media, you are still living existence on planet Earth with other human beings who are making decisions for society while being influenced by the narratives presented through various sources of media. Though media isn’t the only thing influencing our actions as a species, it would seem naïve to think that media has no bearing on the course humans proceed on as we progress into the future.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see this ability for media to influence the actions of society as neither a good nor bad thing, but rather an objective reality of our existence at this point. If we want to build a better society that has the best in mind for all human beings, then we must actively use the influence of media to consciously alter the culture of humanity towards a culture that desires to fulfill this exact goal.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Social Media for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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