Fixing a Broken Society

3 July 2020

Jeff McCarty

In a time when human beings are seemingly more divided than ever, there is one thing I am willing to say that we can all agree on. The reality of human existence, the systems of the global human civilization is broken. Though this is not a startling revelation to any reader, it is interesting to note, that you could ask any human if they thought the current structures and state of humanity are functioning the best that they can, and I would be confident that the answer would be a resounding no.

For anyone who wants to build a better global human civilization, the question that usually becomes prevalent is what do we need to do to fix the broken state of humanity? There are plenty of thoughts and opinions that different human beings will have regarding answering this question. Despite the answers that human beings can supplement into the blank slot reserved for this answer, I do find a secondary question that is worth addressing. The question of who should fix the broken state of humanity?

Among the standard human being that resides within the general public, some have a mentality of we need to fix the broken system, yet I should not, and even if I wanted to, cannot be the one to do it. Fixing the broken system that is the global human civilization, is not an easy task. Coupled with a lack of ownership in the issues that have caused the system to break, we can see why many feel like the issues we do have as a species should be solved, just not by me. Many in this mindset, feel a sense of hopelessness in their ability to do anything even if they could. Though the problems that have caused the system to break are larger than any one human being’s ability to solve them, the job of fixing the broken systems must be assigned to some group of human beings.

Who should these people be? Who do we delegate the task of fixing our global human civilization? For those who may feel that they do not bear the responsibility, yet feel an ethical obligation to believe that things must be improved upon, you must come to some conclusion of who you feel is bound to the duty of fixing the broken systems of the global human civilization. Many of those that would feel a connection to this mentality, may say that the fixing of society should be left to those that are responsible for the dismay. This may seem logical, especially when analyzed from the perspective of individual accountability. One look at the issues facing humanity that require mending will tell any human being who is prone to logical thinking that the problems facing humanity cannot be solved by those who have created the problems. This of course is directly correlated to the fact that the human beings who have caused our global human civilization to break are either no longer living life in the physical realm we call reality, or they are not willing to take accountability for their actions taken. Although individual human beings should always be held accountable for their actions, when it comes to fixing the global human civilization, it can be deduced that there is no longer a capability for humanity to hold any specific individuals accountable for the specific state of humanity.

Since we cannot hold any specific human beings accountable who we can deem responsible for the broken state of humanity, we are back to the root of who will be tasked to fix the broken state of humanity. The question then becomes who is willing to be responsible rather than who should be held accountable. With a shift in our line of questioning, we can begin an inquiry into essentially who we feel inherits the responsibility of fixing our global human civilization. Within the masses of the general public, we come to find that there is at least one belief of who should bear the responsibility for fixing the breaks within society, the collective government that has emboldened themselves as the deciders and leaders of the society we live within.

I find that there are plenty who are willing to say that society seems to be heading in a generally concerning area, yet those same would be willing to declare that the government needs to figure out what to do to fix the issues breaking our society. When we assign sole responsibility to the government to fix the issues of our society, as if we have no contributions to our society as individual citizens, then we are essentially leaving ourselves powerless in the battle for a better global human civilization.

Until we build a critical mass of human beings who are willing to be involved in finding the fix for society, the human species will continuously live in a perpetual cycle of deterioration. Each human being must make a decision through the course of their existence. Whether they will leave the future of humanity in the hands of select human beings who have found themselves in positions of power or if they will consciously contribute to the fixing and building of a better global humanity. With these options now presented, I implore you to contemplate, who are you willing to leave the future of humanity in the hands of?

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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