Embedded Lessons of Historical Importance

31 July 2020

Jeff McCarty

As human beings existing in the year 2020, we have a plethora of information to look back on regarding the history of humanity up to this point. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we hold the belief that knowing and understanding our shared history of humanity is dire if we are to truly build a better global human civilization moving into the future. Although this is not quite an attempt to detail and explain the exact history of humanity, we feel it is important to discuss what has hindered humanity from beneficially utilizing our history for society’s progression.

As the human species, there is a consensus that human history begins when we began to keep a written record as a species. Regardless of when or where in the course of human existence, there has always been a correlation between what has been officially communicated in the written record and what is considered our official human history. We use the word official very purposefully since what gets documented in the official accounts of history is primarily determined by those who hold the power to document history. This in itself has been the fundamental flaw within our ability to understand and learn from our history. If we do not know the full scope of the events that occurred throughout our history, then we have no way of grasping the lessons embedded.

This of course begs the question, what is the true account of human history? Which story or book of history can we trust to help us objectively understand our collective human history? Though there are great attempts of uncovering the objective, unbiased truth of our human history, I am not sure that there will ever exist just one resource that we can depend on for our human history. The reasoning behind this belief has to do with what will ultimately shape the content of any history book, perception. As human beings, our perception of human history will always be driven by the national narrative that we have been taught from the current history books. We do believe that there is a way to rewrite the narrative to ensure an objectively factual review of our collective history as the human species. To accomplish this undertaking we must understand the scope in which a written record of history may cover and how we collect history.

Whenever a history book is published it will have two characteristics that determine the contents of the book itself. These two characteristics speak to how we gather and store the information of our history as a species. The first of these two characteristics is period, and the second is the geographical span. Period speaks to the era or years in which the history is detailing. Geographical span concerns the area in which we are exploring during that specified period. The geographical span that a review of history can discuss ranges from small scale regions and even specific family histories to large scale reviews of a country or even planetary history.

With such a vast amount of information that is compounded within reviews of history that cover larger periods and geographical spans it becomes easy to see that one detrimental concern that has occurred is our remembrance of history. Those who tend to write the official record of history are those who have maintained a monopoly on pure power in our global human civilization. When those who have maintained the power in our global human civilization have done so through a manner of systematic oppression towards their fellow humankind, then we tend to have a select vision of our history that does not comprehensively cover the objective reality of events that occurred in our shared past as a species. There then should be no surprise that we are not learning the necessary lessons from our history to advance society if we have either not learned or come to terms with our true human history.

As always, we turn our focus towards a solutions-oriented mindset. To develop an effective solution though we must ensure we are aligned to the proper problem we are trying to solve for. In this case, we want to ensure we are properly learning from the objective lessons within the truth of our human history. For us to do so, it is paramount that we accurately document the events of our human history. This in itself has seemed to be the largest hindrance in our ability as a species to learn from the lessons of our collective past. If we do not know or have been deceived in the history that we have learned, then any lessons we do happen upon have been built from either partial truths or flat out false understandings of our history. This is the problem that we must solve as a species.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe that a collective of human beings who are representative of our global human civilization and are versed in the objective truths of human history must be gathered to generate a globally agreed-upon version of human history. Only through a mass collective of human perspective can we accurately build a recollection of history that does not diminish the returns that we desire. This strategy for collecting history would allow a better opportunity for all perspectives of our human history to contribute to the story that humanity will tell itself about our past. A mass collaboration of this nature will help create accountability which ensures that the story of history we leave to the next generation of human beings in more objectively factual about the events of our history, even if the details are grimmer than we would like them to be.

Until we have reconciled with our true history as a species, we will be subject to living life under false paradigms and dichotomies. For knowledge is power, and with power comes responsibility, and in this case, we need to be empowered to ensure we are responsible enough to learn from the lessons embedded in our history.

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