Declarations Regarding 2020

26 June 2020

Jeff McCarty

Most people would practically cringe if I were to ask them how they felt about the state of humanity. Given the events of 2020 many people have seemed to turn into pessimists about the state of humanity, and prior pessimists are even less hopeful about the state of humanity. The timeline of events that placed us in the current predicament that is 2020 does not need to be elaborated on by myself at least. It is understandably been a challenging year for the human species, and that would probably be characterized as a lighthearted explanation of the year’s events up to this point in 2020.

One way that I try to stay plugged into the cultural pulse of the people and what people think is to examine the content they have posted through their most preferred social media platform. If that person was willing to post the material, it means that it meant something to them or spoke to them based upon their beliefs of reality. When it comes to the subject of 2020, the majority of the material I have seen is the same. That the year is cursed, pleading for a reset, removal, or fast-forwarding of the year.

Given I am one person, from one place, who only is gauging this from the feeds that I am plugged into, I am willing to say this may be an isolated event that I am experiencing within a small circle of human beings when we zoom out and look at the entirety of the picture. If your reading this now and you feel that is the case, then feel no need to read further. I write this though; due to the fact I have a suspicion that I am not the only one who has either noticed or participated in this mentality of sweeping 2020 under the rug.

2020 has shown us that our global human civilization has defects that have almost seemingly been built into the systems required for our global human civilization to function. Just as 2020 has shown us the flaws in our society, the events of 2020 can be the catalyst required to truly change our global human civilization. Since 2020 has had a multitude of events that have ignited concern and conversation around various areas of human life that have already been plagued with problems, now more than ever seems like an appropriate time for us as the human species to take action towards positively progressing humanity.

As we come to the halfway point of the year 2020, I have two declarations that I will proclaim to you today. My hope in sharing these thoughts is to help encourage anyone who is a pessimist about the future to be a little more hopeful.

The first is that despite what has occurred this year, we should refrain from a mindset of wanting to reset, restart, fast-forward, or just plain forget about 2020. If we were to close our eyes to the difficulties that we have experienced as a species, then we would have no ability to grow and evolve as a species. We must learn from 2020 to ensure that we avoid the hardships and tragedies that the year’s events have exposed. The only way that we can learn this lesson is if we open our eyes to the reality of our circumstances.

The second declarations that I will make, is that regardless of the things that have happened in the year so far, and even if the year does not turn out the way we may have originally intended going into this year at the end of 2019, that we should remain hopeful about the future and what it may hold for humanity. Although this seems like a tall order given the current circumstances of the world, we must keep our heads up to ensure that we do come out of 2020 better than we went in. If we wallow in our sorrow as a species, we will create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which we never find ourselves out of 2020 even long after the calendar year 2020 has passed.

Understandably this may be challenging, and while no regular human being can be a perfect practitioner of this at every moment of the day. The key begins with awareness, so today I challenge you to think, am I a 2020 pessimist? If so, what can you do to become a little more optimistic? Feel free to share your thoughts and best practices in the comments sections.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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