Core Commonalities of the Human Species: Part 3

31 January 2020

Jeff McCarty

Understanding what connects us as members of the human species is the key to unlocking a better global human civilization. There are core commonalities that we all share as members of the human species. These commonalities are the indisputable truths that dictate the existence we experience as human beings, the human experience. When we come to understand that every and any human being, even one whose perspective of the human experience does not align with your own, is just a human being amid the human experience, we can begin to accept and respect each other as fellow members of the same species. Every human experience is dictated by these core commonalities. As a species, we must utilize this understanding to bridge the divide we have placed between ourselves while perceiving existence through the division mentality.

As the HCRC, we have detailed two core commonalities shared amongst all members of the human species through the experience of existence. The two commonalities that we have examined are the foundational experiences that we essentially call existence. We would not have an existence to examine if there was no life, and the determining factors that dictate when a human being’s experience of existence has begun and when it has ended are solely based upon the commonalities of life and death. These are two truths of human existence that we must understand bond us as members of the human species and that no human being can deny they are subject to, without a harsh amount of scrutiny to prove otherwise at least. The next commonality of the human species, and the final commonality that we will explore together at this point, is the commonality of the environment we exist within, Planet Earth.

We are all born of the Planet Earth and experience existence through the seemingly objective bounds of the physical environment that we are existing in. Though we have made amazing innovations in the technology of space exploration that has allowed astronauts to live longer periods outside of Planet Earth, all astronauts return home. Planet Earth is the shared home to all human beings and where we each spend the course of our lives and experience death. As members of the human species, we are all bonded due to the relationship we each share as roommates on Planet Earth and is undoubtedly a core commonality that connects us all.

Our experience on Planet Earth is guided by natural forces that we cannot escape. These forces dictate the existence we experience as human beings on Planet Earth. One amazingly clear example of these forces that illustrate the bond we share as human beings, due to each of us having to experience our existence underneath these forces, would be the force of gravity. Every human being, regardless of the internal or external characteristics that make up any human being, must live a life on Planet Earth that is dictated by the forces of gravity. Although as a species, human beings can manipulate and escape the limitations of gravity with the aid of different forms of human technology, the undeniable truth of gravity has not disappeared and still holds as true as it did before. As human beings, we cannot escape these forces of nature and the way they influence our experience of existence. If we were to remove gravity or change the exact rules that define the force of gravity it would undoubtedly change the existence that we would experience. This is just one example of a force that shapes the existence we experience as human beings. As members of the human species, we must understand that no human being controls these forces of nature that dictate the existence we are experiencing, and that every human being lives out their life under these forces of nature.

As the HCRC, we have examined what we can only believe to be absolute truths based on the perspective that we have as human beings within the order of the universe. Life, death, and the fact that it all takes place on Planet Earth are three things that cannot be credibly disputed, without either some amazing advancements in technology or some amazing advancements in the dialogue that our planetary leaders are having with common human beings in regards to these core commonalities and advancements we may have already secretly made. I do not foresee either occurring in the immediate future, so we must utilize these core commonalities to our benefit to advance our understanding of each other as members of the same species. When we can analyze and accept these core commonalities as undeniable truths that each of our experiences of existence as human beings are guided by, then we can truly begin to accept and respect every other human being as a fellow member of the human species. There will always be another individual or group of human beings who may see their existence differently than yourself. Understanding these commonalities can allow us to see that even though there may be key differences in the characteristics held between yourself and another human being, the similarities that connect us are much more prevalent. These commonalities reveal the forces that dictate our experience as human beings, so no matter how disagreeable one person may seem they are experiencing the same forces in their experience of existence as well.

This is the mindset that is required to build a better global human civilization that has the best interest of every member of the human species. We must use this understanding of our commonalities to build the civilization that values all human beings, and how else to create value in the minds of the divided other than connecting these supposed different human beings. We must understand that although we have only presented three main commonalities of the human species that the commonalities that connect us as fellow members of the human species do not stop there. There are many more commonalities that we can use to build the bridge of connectivity for all human beings, as well as we could expansively explore the three commonalities that we have detailed and provide a more extensive overview of these core commonalities. What is even more important to understand is the fact that these commonalities exist and when we analyze the human species in its rawest form, we can see that we are all the same in many regards.

Join us next Friday, as we leverage this new understanding to set in place privileges that we should all be able to delight in as common members of the human species.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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