Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 1: Life

17 January 2020

Jeff McCarty

A plague runs rampant among the human species and every member has been infected and affected to varying degrees. This plague is the deadly disease of division among the members of the human species. To truly build a better global human civilization that has the best interest of every human being we must abolish the division mentality that exists in the mindsets of the human species. The threat of this division mentality is it detracts from our ability to synergize as a species and solve the problems that the global human civilization faces. Removing the dividing lines that this division mentality has created is a pertinent problem that must be solved in order to positively progress the global human civilization. As the HCRC, we believe that solving this problem can only be accomplished by changing the culture of the human species. The culture of the human species is compiled by all of the thoughts and corresponding actions of all members of the human species. The way we begin changing this culture of division is through a globally conscious effort of rewiring our mentalities on our differences and refocusing on our commonalities as a species which in turn will influence our actions among each other as a species.

To erase the dividing lines that have been drawn between different individuals and groups of human beings we must accomplish two objectives. First, we must understand the core commonalities that connect all of us as members of the same species, and secondly, we must gain a universal understanding and acceptance of our differences as human beings. As the HCRC, we believe that starting with building a stronger connection with what makes us the same as human beings will more easily allow people to begin understanding and accepting other people’s differences as well. Knowing the deep connection we share as human beings can strengthen our appreciation for the fact that even though someone is different from you in certain characteristics it doesn’t discount the human experience that they are undergoing just as you are.

As human beings, we are all in the process of the human experience which is an experience rooted in existing as a form of life. Although the experience of being alive is not a human experience solely, it goes without saying that to be part of the human experience you have to be alive or at least have been alive at some point. Hence why the first step towards uncovering our core commonalities as a species is based upon exploring how each of our individual experiences as human beings is based on the commonality of life.

Each of our lives consists of elements that are fundamentally the same and constitute the very nature of our existence as a human being. Just take a look at the vessels we use to maneuver within our existence, our physical form. The very presence of a physical form is required for any form of life to be considered alive, and you must have a specific form to be considered the physical form of a human. When we examine our physical form as humans certain factors are consistent across the board. Even if we were to analyze the physical form of the most mutated human being that has ever existed up to this point in human history, we would still come to find that they would meet the qualitative standards required to be classified as a human being. We are all just a structure of bones, muscles, tissues, organs, and blood, wrapped in skin to hold it all in. With this common form, some variations exist, yet these variations do not detract from their ability to be labeled as the physical form of a human being.

The next commonality shared within the human form is the process of growth and aging. We are all born in a state of youth. As time continues, we all come to find our physical form is under a script to grow until it reaches a peak state at which it stagnates, and then slowly begins a descent into decay. Throughout our lives as human beings, as we undergo this process of growth and aging, we all share the common need for nourishment and sustenance to continue the experience of life. The process of how we can receive the required nourishment and sustenance for our physical forms is identical across all human beings and once in our bodies, it undergoes the same physiological processes to be converted from matter to energy. Once converted into energy, it fulfills the role it does for all of us as human beings, by fueling our life force in our physical form. This is just one of many countless physiological processes that occur within the physical form of all members of the human species.

As human beings, our lives within our physical forms are guided by almost seemingly preprogrammed scripts and algorithmic actions that dictate the very essence of existing as a human being. We have no control over the physical form that we have manifested in this life, yet this is our vessel in which we spend life existing within. As members of the human species, we must recognize that all of our fellow human beings are undergoing the same human experience, existing in the physical form that they began the experience within. This gives us the ability to strip away the dividing lines between our differences at least externally and build mutual respect for every one of our fellow human beings based upon this shared core commonality. We are all just experiencing life, operating a vessel called the human body, maneuvering about Planet Earth. When we stop to realize that not every form of life on Planet Earth shares in the human experience we must recognize the bond that means we all share as human beings. Let us celebrate this bond as human beings, regardless if there are differences among us.

As the HCRC, we believe that life is one of the most fundamental core commonalities that we share as members of the human species. A monumental pillar of the human experience that no one can deny is shared amongst us all. We believe that exposing as many of the undeniable core commonalities, is the pathway towards curing the human species of the division mentality. Join us next Friday as we unveil the next fundamental core commonality that undoubtedly bonds us as humans beings.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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