Charting our Course for Change

15 January 2021

Jeff McCarty

Over a year has passed since the initial conception and first publication of this blog. Since the start of this endeavor, the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition has expanded our efforts and formed partnerships with other humans who share a similar focus. A focus on building a better society for all humans. When I founded the HCRC, I knew that this was the eventual result that I wanted to materialize through my and my partner's efforts. The question was how we get to this result.

Throughout numerous contemplations of how humans would go about building a better society for all human beings, I realized a trend among my train of thought on accomplishing this goal. This trend was to think of why we have yet to accomplish the building of this better society that myself and others envision. What was stopping human beings from living in this optimal utopian society that just seemed to be looming around the corner if we could only make the right moves to get there?

Answering this question can be difficult, but not for the reasons we would think. For it is not a lack of answers it is an abundance of answers that makes it difficult when contemplating why humanity has yet to build a utopian society that has the best in mind for all humans within. The best way to understand and label all the different items that cause our society to fall short of this mark is by the term problem. It is the problems that face humanity that cause our societies to operate in ways that do not have the best interest of all humans within society.

The list of problems facing our species can be lengthy. The exact contents of the list as well as the length of the list can of course be dependent upon the exact person you are asking. With a strong degree of confidence, I can say that no matter what your ideological makeup is that there is a list of things you find to be a problem in our society. Though people’s lists may vary, there is also a large degree of overlap between people of various ideological makeups, and even if we cannot come to an exact consensus of what is on the list, we can more than likely come to an agreeance that there is a list. The question then becomes what we do about the list.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we see only one logical way to view this conundrum. If we are to build a better global human civilization, then we must solve the problems facing our species. As the HCRC has evolved over its first year since inception, it became blatantly obvious that the only way to be part of positively progressing humanity towards a better society was to solve the problems facing our species. The question then became how we go about doing something of that nature.

The question of how we solve the problems facing our species is a question of tremendous perplexity. Even when dealing with minds that both agree that a specific problem is a problem that we should solve, there can various ideas and beliefs on exactly how we go about solving that specific problem. This can cause an exacerbation of the problem, usually due to the fact we try to go about understanding and solving a problem in a manner that doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. This of course ends up adding another level of complexity to these problems (as if this situation wasn’t complex enough) and leaves me asking what can be done next.

The only way I could make sense of what should come next is to think about how the problems facing our species go about getting solved. One thing became obvious to me, that these problems could not be solved by just one person, one group, or even one country. If we are to truly solve the problems facing humanity, we will have to work together holistically as a species to do so.

With this revelation in mind, this became the central ideology that has formulated the very vision and mission that the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition has embarked upon. A vision of a community of humans who are focused on finding, sharing, testing, and implementing solutions towards the problems facing our species. Over this year, and many more years to come, the HCRC will continue to build this community and do our part as an organization to find, share, test, and implement solutions towards our species’ problems to build a better society for all humans.

If you would like to be part of this community use the button below and join us as we find, share, test, and implement solutions to humanity’s problems.

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