Accessing the Amenities

25 September 2020

Jeff McCarty

Progressing the global human civilization requires a society that is supportive of the very members of that society. By no means does this dissolve the personal responsibility each human being has towards living a morally ethical life, yet this helps ensure guard rails within society that enable human beings to live in this morally ethical way. A society that operates with the best in mind for all human beings will ultimately produce citizens who are not only able to contribute to society but who are willing to make the necessary contributions. This brings about the question of how society should support the members within, and what can a society do for the individual that will assist them in day to day life without causing complacency. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we believe that the all-inclusive distribution of the six amenities of modern existence is necessary for each human being to be a successful individual and in turn a successful contributor towards society.

Any human being should be able to agree and understand the importance of having clean water, healthy food, stable shelter to live in as well as access to renewable energy, equal education, and universal healthcare. Although providing every human being within our global human civilization the six amenities of modern existence can seem like a no brainer to some, it may seem like an extremely cumbersome task to others. Regardless of the mindset, you may have on this topic, the distribution of these services is a topic that deserves more analysis and contemplation. For those in agreeance with every human being receiving the six amenities of modern existence through societal programs, generally, their agreeance is the end of the thought process, which leaves little room for realistic implementation. On the other side for those who think societal programs of this nature are too cumbersome and/or costly to execute and leave it at that as well, which in turn, once again leaves little room for implementation. Either way, as the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we feel it is vital to begin thinking through the logistics of social programs that would distribute the six amenities of modern existence.

When contemplating how to implement a delivery plan of these amenities to every human being within the global human civilization, two key areas would have to be threshed out. The first of those is the infrastructure, and the second is in tracking. If we are going to build a better society, we must have an honest conversation regarding both key areas which are the foundations of any policy processes required to implement social programs of this nature. Before proceeding with our current ideas on the policy reforms needed to initiate and accomplish the distribution of the six amenities of modern existence, we must remind all to read with an understanding that this is only the start of the conversations needed to truly implement mass social programs of this nature, and present this discussion today as an attempt to normalize the subject into the mainstream dialogue. As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we are excited to introduce a new blog thread dedicated to these exact discussions, known as the Amenities of Modern Existence thread. Join us in the coming weeks as we continue the conversation and begin discussing how to ensure all human beings within the global human civilization can reap the rewards of modern-day existence.

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