A Melting Pot of Ideas

29 May 2020

Jeff McCarty

The development of tools to advance our abilities beyond the bounds of traditional human capability has been one characteristic that has allowed us to flourish as a species. Although other species of animals have been found to conduct themselves similarly, that is using tools to enhance one’s ability to sustain their life, it should be safe to say that no other species has created or utilized tools in the magnitude we have as a species. It is this ability to quickly create and implement tools that will benefit not only us as an individual but as a species altogether which in turn allows us an adaptative advantage in the realm of existence. As we continually adapt to the challenges that face us as a species, we must remember the best way to effectively find ourselves in a better global human civilization will be to adapt the concept of a humanity’s problem repository into mainstream utilization.

What can we accomplish with the humanity’s problem repository in full function? The initial purpose of developing the humanity’s problem repository is no different than the reasoning for developing any other tool we have utilized as a species. To enhance our abilities to survive and thrive within the plane of existence we are experiencing. Each tool has a purpose, and if we examine the humanity’s problems repository, we should conclude that the purpose of the humanity’s problem repository is to create awareness and understanding of problems that are facing humanity.

Once we have established this awareness and understanding of the problems that face us, the question then becomes what do we do with this knowledge. If we do not leverage the gains, we have received from creating a tool such as the humanities problem repository, the tool might as well be deemed useless. With that in mind, we must ask how do we utilize the humanities problems repository to our benefit as a species?

The question of how we should use this tool reverts back to the initial processes that we believe are necessary to build an effective humanity’s problem repository. A humanity’s problem repository is defined by its ability to help us organize and compartmentalize the problems that face us as a species. In this same spirit we should realize that organizing ourselves in groups that are dedicated to specific problems, in turn, is the best way for us to use this tool as a species. The power of synergy gives us the ability as a species to come to collective achievements that will help in positively progressing humanity. A humanity’s problem repository will only strengthen our ability to organize those who are interested in synergizing and solving the same problem that faces humanity holistically.

Some may ask, how is this any different than the world we live in currently? Human beings work together all the time with others who share similar interests or passion projects. The reminder I would encourage anyone to contemplate is that a humanity’s problem repository is only effective if it is created, maintained, and utilized on a frequent reoccurring basis that is publicly broadcasted. The humanity’s problem repository becomes not only a tool of data and information, it would become a global event of sorts that human beings across the globe would be able to observe and partake in. It is this level of transparency and organization as a whole that makes the utilization of the humanity’s problem repository different than the way we conduct ourselves as a species currently.

What makes this process unique is the fact that a periodic review of the humanity’s problem repository allows a consistent opportunity for those who are working on potential solutions to a specific problem to present their bodies of work and theories that have led them to the conclusions that support their potential solution to that said problem. Others would then be able to present their ideas regarding the same subject, which then creates a melting pot of ideas that we can aggregate into a more fluid set of action plans to solve a specific problem.

This conglomeration of human potential to think and act in a seemingly limitless ability, where it seems that we can overcome any obstacle that faces us a species, is a reward that we can achieve if we utilize a humanity’s problem repository in the way the tool was intended to be utilized. It is not to say that we will not face adversity in overcoming many of the problems that our species will have to face if we want to endure for the next millennia. What we do know though, is that what got us here to this point as a society is not what will sustain us through the course of the future and weather us through the problems that we must face as a species.

As the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition, we know that the utilization of tools is crucial if we are to solve the problems that will affect humanity’s existence. Join us next Friday as we discuss another tool that we believe will be vital in this fight against these problems that face humanity.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. If you enjoyed this post, please share this with someone you think would enjoy it. Find the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition on Facebook for more content as well. Looking forward to seeing you next post. Thanks again.

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