A Fat Guy Against Fatness

9 April 2021

Jeff McCarty

Existence is the experience we are all tied to as human beings. If you're reading this, I am confident that you exist as a human being who experiences existence in three forms: the physical form, the mental form, and the spiritual form. For any human to live a fulfilled life, it is crucial to understand and embrace each form of existence. The form of existence that I will discuss today is the form of existence that most people become focused upon; this is the physical form.

It's not surprising that the physical form gets the most attention in our materialistic society. Our existence is tied to our experience as a physical form from the start. As humans, we traditionally connotate our existence's starting point as the moment our physical form is viewable to other physical beings. From this moment on, we must find ways to sustain the needs of our physical form. Food, drink, and sleep immediately become three of the most significant needs we must maintain for our physical forms. The choices we make regarding the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and the amount of sleep we get dictate the condition our physical form will take.

We can optimize our choices to produce the most suitable and sustainable physical forms we can inhabit. As humans, we label the most suitable and sustainable versions of our physical form as a healthy physical form. Health and well-being have always been vital to humans. Given our physical form is our vehicle to maneuver reality, the importance of taking care of your body has always been understood.

What has changed over time is our concept of what we consider to be healthy human beings. Recently it seems a new conception of health has arisen—a vision of humans who can be overweight and still be regarded as healthy. Before we go too much further, it's important to illustrate that I am fat, have been overweight for essentially all my life (these aren't pandemic pounds that I have put on), and continue the battle of managing my weight. You may be asking why I would challenge a change of norms embracing the exact type of physical form I inhabit myself.

My main reason for concern is not that people are ok with their body image regardless of their weight. If you want to be 150 pounds or 300 pounds, that is your decision, and if you're happy with your weight, then there is nothing wrong with that. What I am concerned about is the fact people are pushing a mindset that being overweight is healthy. Now, I have never been one to embrace the Body Mass Index's standards, not because I have always been overweight but because even some of the healthiest people I have known don't make those standards. This is not to say that we should abolish a measure of health and well-being altogether, though.

I am a person who lives a life of obesity and knows the detrimental effects it can cause. Every study regarding physical health indicates that being overweight can increase the risk of other illnesses. So, despite the fact there is nothing wrong with someone accepting their body weight, whatever it is, there is something wrong with society pretending being overweight is healthy.

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