A Change to the Coalition

18 June 2021

Jeff McCarty

I started the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition back in October of 2019. The idea that fueled the creation of the Coalition emerged out of a desire I had to build a better society. I wanted to create an organization that contributed to creating a society that would have the best interests of all humans in mind. So, I set out to make this organization. Without a real mission or guiding vision in mind, I spent many months shaping the focus of this organization. I first contemplated what it would take to build a better society. It seemed natural to point towards our species' problems as the direct reason we had yet to achieve this better version of society that I envisioned. I decided at that moment that the Coalition's focus would be on the problems that face our species and finding solutions to those problems. If we could discover these solutions and implement them, we could build a better society.

Finding the solutions to humanity's problems is not a one-person job. I knew that if the Coalition were to make any meaningful impact, it would require a literal coalition of people coming from diverse backgrounds yet having one guiding goal in mind; solving humanity's problems to allow for a better society to be built. It was with this insight that I created the Community for Change. The intention was that the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition would harness the power of media to inspire people to want to build a better society. The Community for Change would exist as a shared space for these people to gather and do the work necessary to improve society. Over time as I have worked to create these organizations, I have realized that the original model I had created for these organizations has not worked as intended. That left only one thing left to do, to make a change.

Effective today 06/18/2021, I am announcing that the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition will be dissolved. Our team will devote our energies to expanding and strengthening the concept behind the Community for Change. If you have been following the work of the HCRC, I want to take a moment to thank you for that support. It has been a fantastic opportunity to create this organization from scratch and create content such as these blog posts and our Talks from the Coalition Podcast. This change will mean the end of our blog posts as well as the end of our podcasts. When it comes to the Community for Change, our focus will be building a global community both in the physical and digital domains that allow humans to collaborate towards finding, testing, sharing, and implementing solutions towards humanity's problems.

As a content creator and a thinker, I am pleased to report that I am far from done personally. If you have enjoyed our blog posts and our podcasts, I encourage you to join me at my new publication, Controversial Curiosities. As a thinker who expresses my thoughts via writing and podcasting, I intend to keep the practice, and in fact, expand upon it. Please be sure to subscribe to Controversial Curiosities, which will live on Substack (free and paid subscription options will be available). At Controversial Curiosities, I will be publishing both a public and private blog post and a public and private podcast episode weekly. The subject matter will vary yet will always revolve around a topic that I am curious about and could be considered controversial. I appreciate any continued support you give to my writing and podcasting efforts as I transition to this new venture, and please be sure to join our Community for Change if you have yet to do so.

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